Use the Firefox Web-Browser

To achieve best results with the CGP Management & Submission system, please use the Firefox web browser.
Google Chrome is also supported, but Firefox would be best to ensure reliable performance.

Both web-browsers are available for PCs and MACs and you can use the links below to download the
newest version for your computer. Please make sure that you are using
the newest version of either Firefox or Google Chrome.

Your screen size must be at least 1280 pixels in width or wider.
We recommend using modern displays that are 1920×1080 or larger.

We cannot support screens that are only 1024 or smaller in width.
The CGP System makes extensive use of wide-format Excel-like spreadsheet tables and these require
displays that are at least 1280+ pixels in width. Tablets and mobile devices are not supported.

Download Mozilla Firefox Download Google Chrome

Managing Your Applications / Submissions

The CGP Manager Section – the first tab – allows you to manage your submissions.
You can Save & Resume an application, delete an application, and also use it for viewing or printing finalized submissions.

The default behavior of the CGP Manager when not specifically viewing or resuming a saved application,
is that you are in a mode, of creating a new application.
You simply work your way through all the sections tabs A to R.
While you work on a new application, we suggest you first give it a project name in Section A,
and then you can occasionally use the blue save button to save your progress.

Once you have saved an application, you can at a later point in time resume this application,
as you will be seeing it in a table that is titled “CONTINUE A SAVED FORM”.

You simply click on the form you would like to continue, and resume your editing.

Once you are ready to finalize your submission, at the bottom of the page in Section R,
you can click the orange button named “SUBMIT APPLICATION” to submit your application to us.
Before you click that button, please set the “Form mode” to “Final Submission”.
If the system does not process your final submission, it will be because there are “REQUIRED FIELDS”
that have not been filled-out, and you can then make needed corrections and try resubmitting.

Once a final submission has been made, it will appear in a new table in the CGP Manager

You can click on that submission to view it, and then also Print it should you need to.

Please remember, once a submission has been finalized we ask you to not to make any changes
to the submission unless we specifically have asked you to do so.

CGP-Manager Data Protection Mechanisms

The CGP-Management System has implemented several new, as of 2017, Data-Protection Mechanisms.

We now use a 128-bit SSL secure encrypted https:// connection between your web-browser and the web-server to ensure
data security and protection of confidential information you provide to the ACTBGA.

The CGP-Management System has been improved to prevent potential account related sharing violations.
Should you receive a “Sharing Violation” pop-up notice, then simply wait until the other person using the account has logged-out.

• Submission Form Data LOSS Protection.
The CGP-Management System has been improved to provide additional protection of potential data loss during submissions.
All data you enter into the submission form is being saved in your web-browser’s “Local Storage Container”.
Should for any reason the “Save Progress” or “Final Submission” fail, the data you entered into your submission is
still stored in your web-browser. Whenever you reload the submission, it will use the data contained in the
web-browser’s “Local Storage Container” to repopulate all form-fields and data tables.
You can then simply “Save Progress” or do your “Final Submission” again.

when you have completed your work session in the CGP-Management System.

Please contact us should you require assistance, you can reach us by phone at 02 6285 1808
or please send us an email at:

File Uploads

A few comments about uploading & managing files attached to your application.

In many sections of the application, you will see small tables that contain file names to be uploaded.
Underneath the table, a small green button named “Click here to Upload File”.
Once you click this button, a file manager will come on-screen allowing you to easily upload the file,
as well as see all the files you have uploaded.

Please adhere to renaming all file-names as is shown in the upload tables.
File names are case sensitive.

Once you see the file manager, you can easily copy & paste the displayed file name to rename your file before uploading.
Our file naming conventions help both you and us, in organizing all the attached files in an orderly manner.

Select the “file type” and also set “Uploaded?” to “YES”.
In the upload tables you also have the option to change file types, and once uploaded,
please set the last “Uploaded?” table cell from “NO” to “YES”.

Once you have made a final submission, we ask you to not change any of the uploaded files
unless we specifically have asked you to do so.

Using Form Tables

Many sections of the CGP Application Form contain Excel-like Spreadsheet Tables.
They are very easy to use.

You simply double-click on one of these cells to enter into edit mode so that you can edit the contents
of that particular spreadsheet cell. You can also re-edit any cell should you need to correct a mistake.

Some of the multi-row tables will automatically add a new row once you add data into the current row.
On some of the tables, there is also a help comment – “Right Mouse-click table above to insert or delete rows”, which
will allow you to manage the table rows, should you wish to delete or insert needed rows.

Some of the table cells are “read-only” and locked.
This type of table cell is where the CGP Submission system will automatically create the data as needed.
If you double-click on a cell, and cannot edit it, then you’ve encountered a “read-only” cell.

Form Printing

The CGP Manager Section will also allow you to Print submissions that have been saved and are currently being viewed.
You will notice when in view mode in the CGP Manager a yellow button marked as “Print Application”.

You will need to click on the “Print Application” button to correctly format your application
for printing with either Firefox or Chrome.

You can also create a PDF file of your CGP Application with these instructions.
Google Chrome in “Print Preview” mode will allow you to change your “print destination” to “Save as PDF”.
Firefox will only allow you to create a PDF file on a PC if you install the below listed Firefox Add-on.
Once this Firefox Add-on is installed, you can use “Print-Edit” in “Print Preview” to create your PDF.

Both Firefox & Chrome will allow you to set your headers & footer if you wish to have extra
information on your print-outs such as page numbers, titles, etc.

Download Print-Edit for Firefox

Need more Help?

Please contact us should you require assistance, if you have questions, would like to make suggestions
on improvements, or if you need to report a functional problem or need technical support.

We are here to help you!

You can reach us by Phone at 02 6285 1808
or please send us an Email at: