Summary of Program


The ACT Government’s Better Schools for Our Kids – Non-Government School Infrastructure Upgrades Program provides funding to assist non-government preschool, primary and secondary school communities to improve capital infrastructure where they otherwise may not have access to sufficient capital resources.


The primary objective of the Better Schools for Our Kids – Non-Government School Infrastructure Upgrades Program is to improve the overall non-government schools’ infrastructure for Preschool to Year 12 students in the Australian Capital Territory, including accessibility of services to disadvantaged groups.


To be eligible to apply for funding, a non-government school must:

  • be a participant, or prospective participant, in the ACTBGA;

  • be registered as a Non-Government school or be eligible to be licensed to operate as a non-government preschool in the ACT;

  • be able to demonstrate to the ACTBGA that the school is financially viable;

  • demonstrate to the ACTBGA that the project will contribute to the objectives of the program;

  • demonstrate to the ACTBGA that the school has an appropriate maintenance plan in place;

  • demonstrate to the ACTBGA that adequate insurance is held over its buildings;

  • provide all information requested by the ACTBGA to assess fairly and adequately the eligibility and priority of grant applications;

  • be proposing a project that will not adversely affect the condition of a place in the Register of the National Estate in terms of the provisions of the Australian Heritage Council Act 2003.

Funds are not available for facilities:

  • which have religious worship as a principal purpose;

  • where a co-educational Non-Government School’s facilities will not, as far as practicable, be equally available to male and female students; or

  • where retrospective approval is sought.


Better Schools for Our Kids – Non-Government School Infrastructure Upgrades Program funds are limited and not all applications will be successful. The BGA is required by the ACT Education Directorate to assess the eligibility of all applications received against the following guidelines.

Eligible projects will then be placed in order of priority for funding on the basis of:

  • projects that increase capacity;

  • projects that provide value for money and maximise outcomes from available funding;

  • the readiness of the school to commence construction;

  • the school’s financial viability to complete the project;

  • the school’s need for financial assistance to contribute towards or fund the project;

  • accessibility of the Services to disadvantaged groups (including students from low socio-economic status backgrounds, students with a disability, Indigenous students and students with a low-level of English language proficiency);

  • projects that improve the amenity of non-government schools in respect of compliance of facilities with government requirement and supporting advances in school pedagogy;

  • the quality and accuracy of the school’s submission.

Grant Applications are not guaranteed and a maximum grant of $1,000,000 is available to any one school.
Projects that are for the establishment of new schools, new campuses, or new education levels, a maximum grant of up to $1,500,000 will be considered in any grant round.

Additional information and procedures for the BSK program are available here.

Forms & Procedures

1 · Timetable


2 · Procedures for BSK Program and Application

To apply for a Better Schools for Our Kids grant, refer to the Procedures below and complete and submit the Online Application Forms:

Procedures for BSK Program: View DOCX
BSK Online Application Forms: Login
ACTBGA Quantity Surveyor Project Cost Template: View XLSX
ACTBGA Standard Costs: View PDF

3 · Appeal Policy and Procedures

View DOC

4 · Payments to Schools

To claim grant payments, schools must complete the relevant claim form below and submit to the ACTBGA along with the required documentation outlined in the applicable claim form:

Milestone 1: Execution of Deed of Grant: View DOCX
Milestone 2: Commencement of Capital Works: View DOCX
Milestone 3: Midpoint Construction/Upgrade: View DOCX
Milestone 4: Practical Completion: View DOCX
Milestone 5: Final Acquittal: View DOCX
Accountant’s Certificate: View DOC

5 · Variations

When a Grant has been approved in accordance with the school’s submitted application forms, a school must seek the ACTBGA’s approval prior to any changes to the project in respect of:

Milestone Dates (Commencement, Midpoint, Completion, Final Acquittal)
Total Project Cost
Scope of Works

Approval must be sought through the submission of a Variation Request Form. View DOC

6 · Quarterly Reporting

Schools will be required to submit quarterly reports in February, May, August and November to the ACTBGA providing an update of the project’s status and summary of documentation due. The ACTBGA will email templates required for completion.

7 · BSK Approved Projects

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