The ACT Block Grant Authority Incorporated (ACTBGA) is a non-profit association set up by non-government school organisations in the ACT.
ACTBGA administers the Australian Government’s Capital Grants program and other major Government grants programs for non-government schools in the ACT.
Capital Grants

The objectives of the Australian Government’s Capital Grants Program are to:

Provide and improve school capital infrastructure, particularly for the most educationally disadvantaged students.
Ensure attention to refurbishment / upgrading of capital infrastructure for existing students, while making provision for needs arising from new demographic and enrolment trends.
Pursue the Commonwealth’s other priorities and objectives for schooling.
Account for all capital funding provided under the Act to meet the expectations of the auditors.

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Better Schools for Our Kids Program

The ACT Government has allocated $3.75 million per year for four years for infrastructure upgrades in
non-government schools through the Better Schools for Our Kids – Non-Government School Infrastructure Upgrades Program.
This program will provide funding to assist non-government preschool, primary and secondary school communities to improve capital infrastructure
where they otherwise may not have access to sufficient capital resources, including accessibility of services to disadvantaged groups.

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Trade Skills Centres Program

The Trades Skills Centres in Schools (TSC) program, formerly Trade Training Centres, is a part of the Australian Government’s Education Revolution.
The program commenced in 2008 to enable secondary schools to apply for funding of between $500,000 and $1.5 million for Trades Skills Centres.

The Program allows secondary students from years 9 to 12 to access vocational education and training through TSCs
to give them a broader range of options so as to improve Year 12 retention rates and enhance pathways into vocational careers.
TSCs are also helping to address national skills shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries.

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